5 convincing reasons you should learn German

December 24, 2020

5 convincing reasons you should learn German

When planning to learn a new language, you might be wondering if German is really worth all the time and effort. Therefore, we have come up with top 5 reasons that starting to learn German is a worthy choice.

So if you are still contemplating about giving it a try, or you are a German student looking for reassurance that you have invested in the right thing, read why you have made the right decision.

1) German is easy to learn

If are already an English speaker, German learning is not going to be hard for you, because both the languages share the same Germanic root. Even many words are closely related. Moreover, you do not have to learn an entirely new alphabet; there are just a few letters to add. Get yourselves enrolled in “Learn German for Beginners” course and start your journey of German language learning.

2) German opens doors to world-class higher education

The universities of Germany have an excellent reputation internationally. It is a popular destination among students for higher education because it boasts of a number of universities with a very low or negligible tuition fees. So, you save on your student debt. Start learning German.

3) German is the second most spoken language in Europe

The three official working languages in the European Union are English, German and French, with German being the second most spoken language. It is also the most widely spoken native language in Europe. It has served as a language which unifies different people for centuries. Furthermore, it is the third most taught foreign language in the English speaking world. Learning German is definitely going to help you interact with so many more people.

4) German companies are globally recognized corporations

If you wish to work for international market leaders, having German skills in your resume can help you have an edge over the others in the competition. Germany is a home to globally renowned brands such as Siemens, Adidas etc and even hosts some of the magnificent international trade fairs. Learn German for work as it can definitely open up bright career opportunities for you.

5) German has a tremendous online presence

These days, you don’t have to go to Germany to get in touch with the people there. You can do that from your home through the internet. German websites are known to have the most popular top-level domains out there. Only the sound knowledge of German can help you have access to millions of German websites.

Now that you have enough reasons to learn German, are you wondering howto learn German language? You can take online classes from the well-trained German tutors at German Online Institute and along with that, you can use language learning apps or take help from various books and even TV channels to improve your vocabulary, accent and fluency. We wish your all the best in your German learning endeavor. It will all be worth the effort.

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