Frequently Asked Questions


Additional services

Can I communicate with other GOI students? (Tandem Service)

Yes, if you are a current student you can ask to give you access to a list of other GOI students you can make contact with and practice your German outside of your lessons.

You can also add your name and requirements to this list in order to be found by other students. Contact details are through GOI student accounts and thus safe. No need to exchange your private details with others.

Manage Bookings

Change bookings

How to extend or shorten my appointment duration?

You can extend/shorten upcoming appointments by contacting with the appointment details and required changes 24 hours in advance to the class(es).

Manage Bookings

Pausing lessons

How to return to your classes after taking a break?

If you only paused a few weeks, simply book your appointment in your assigned teacher’s calendar. Email them, if you cannot find a suitable appointment.

If you paused for more than 4 weeks, please contact with your prefered schedule and weekly amount of hours to see, if your teacher is still available and, if not, be reassigned to a new German teacher.

How to pause my lessons?

You can pause anytime up until the expiry date of your package (after 1 year).

Please be so kind and let your teacher know, THAT you will be gone and approximately, if you are taking a short or long break so they can plan ahead.

Please note, that any breaks 2+ weeks may result in your teacher taking on new students and MAY not have time for you upon your return. In this case you will be matched with a new teacher, who will receive full access to your classroom and can directly ask your previous teacher, what you have worked on.

How can I check the expiry date of my package?

To check your expiry date you have 2 options:
> go to

    calendar page

> click REDEEM
> enter your package code OR email address you used to buy the package

2. open any recent

    booking confirmation email

and click the link within to view package balance and expiry date

How long is my package valid?

All lessons/packages bought are valid for 1 year.

Also read:
How to check your expiry date?

Manage Bookings

Running Late

Will my teacher wait, if I am running late?

We have a 15 min no-show rule.

Please tell your teacher in advance or min. 15 min into the class, that you are running late and IF they should wait for you.

If your teacher does not hear/read from you before or 15 min into the class, they will log off and you will be charged 1 hour (even if you booked a longer appointment).

I am running late for class, will the class be still the full duration?

No. Unfortunately the teachers need to finish the class as scheduled. If you e.g. start 15 min late, the class will be 45 min instead of 60 min.
If you are running late, please tell your teacher in advance (15 min into the class at the latest) so they will wait for you online.

If your teacher is late, he/she needs to extend the class accordingly, add the lost time to the next appointment or you can request a partial refund with admin, e.g. if you are taking a break from lessons.

Manage Bookings


How to book multiple (non-recurring) lessons?

You totally can!

After selecting a date and time, you can choose Recurring.

Then, instead of having the appointment recur at the same time/date for a certain number of weeks, you can select Choose additional time to add another time.

Please click the screen recording to view what that process looks like:
FAQ Scheduling


How to set an account recovery email or phone number in case I forget my password?

Set up a recovery phone number or email address
Losing access to your emails, documents, and photos can be frustrating. To make sure you can get back into your account quickly without having to wait for admin to reset your password, add account recovery options.

Add or change a recovery phone number
Sign in to your “Recovery phone” page in My Account.
From here you can:
Add a recovery phone.
Change your recovery phone: Next to your phone number, select Edit.
In the box that appears, follow the instructions.
Note: You must use a mobile phone with text messaging turned on.

Add or change a recovery email
Sign in to your “Recovery email” page in My Account.
From here you can:
Add a recovery email.
Change your recovery email: Next to your email address, select Edit Edit.
Enter your recovery email address.
Select Done.


Trouble shooting

How to reset my Google password?

Please email AND your teacher at least 1 hour before your class.

Remember, that the password we gave you at the start was only temporary and you chose your own password. Please write it down somewhere.

In emergencies with very short notice before the class please ask your teacher via email to call admin on mobile phone to reset the password.

Why is the password for my GOI Google account not working anymore?

The provided password for your GOI Google account does only work ONCE and it will ask you to create your own password. Please write it down because you need admin support to reset it, if lost.

Can I use my own Google account to access Google Classroom?

No, students receive a GOI Google account.

We use a closed domain system and only your “” account can be used to log into your personal Google Classroom.

Can I use my own Gmail (Google) account for Google Hangouts video calls?

No, students receive a GOI Google account.

We use a closed domain system and only accounts with “” are able to connect via Hangouts video call to our teachers and other GOI students. Your private Gmail/Google account won’t work for video calls.