The successful job interview in Germany

June 06, 2017

Job Interview in Germany

Your application was approved. You were invited to a job interview. Congratulations! Now comes the exciting part: a personal conversation. You certainly have many questions.

  • How does a job interview take place in Germany?
  • How do you master the language hurdles?
  • What do you need to bring?

Of course, not all job interviews are the same and there is no golden rule for a successful completion. Often, however, you can prepare yourself based on a pattern . In this blog we would like to give you a few tips for the basic process, the correct behavior, formal requirements and dealing with language barriers for a successful job interview in Germany:

The basic structure of a job interview:

Job interviews on site or via video telephony are generally divided into three phases in Germany:

1st The greeting:

Punctuality is the name of the game. Do not be late, because that makes a bad impression and the company sees punctuality as one of the cornerstones of the workplace. Let your conversation partner take the first step. Does he give you the hand, greet him/her with a firm handshake. This gives the impression that you are a confident person. Only sit down when a seat is offered to you.

second The actual conversation:

Now it gets serious. You are sitting opposite your interviewer.

  • Getting started is usually via Smalltalk code. “Did you find us well?” or statements about the weather are typical here.
  • After that, most of the formalities is done. Your self-introduction should not take more than two to three minutes. After everyone meets, one of the interviewers will present the company and its goals. Here you should listen with interest and look at your counterpart to signal that you are attentive.
  • Now comes the most important part: The Q & A . Your interviewer will now ask you many questions about your personality, knowledge and experience. Attention: Not all questions are allowed. Your private life should be taboo during a job interview. Try to answer all questions confidently and honestly, because if you give false information, this comes out at the latest after your attitude.
  • In the last step, you will be asked if you have any questions yourself. Be prepared to ask your own questions for this part of the conversation. To not ask any questions could give the impression of disinterest.

third The adoption:

Almost there. The farewell is the same as the greeting. Let the initiative go out from the interviewer. Stay focused and confident until the end. Your exit also leaves a certain impression on your potential future employer.

Linguistic hurdles in the interview in Germany:

Before the interview you should do a thorough research about the company. Make a list of the key points. Here you can clearly see which words from the field for which you have applied, you do not know yet. Look again at the job description well. Because here you will often find key words that you will surely meet again in the conversation: You are looking for a person who has spatial imagination, mathematical or linguistic understanding ? But what does it exactly mean? What does “adaptability, critical thinking, or assertiveness” really mean?

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