How to be a Great German Student

March 25, 2015

Being a German student will require some of your time and perseverance. You must have what it takes to get on into the journey. Being a German learner is one thing, but being a proficient and successful German student is what will make you learn the language in a breeze and become highly competitive.

These are some tips you might want to take into consideration if you want to study German and become a great learner.

  • 1. A great student is one that asks questions all the time

    Of course, this does not mean that they are always coming up with meaningless questions, but one that finds questions based on genuine curiosity. A curious student is one that will never let a lagoon bother them, but always strive to get to an answer. You can ask teachers (your own or others, e.g. in DaF Facebook groups), ask other learners in meetups or forums, comment on related blogposts and ask the author your question

  • 2. Motivation

    is key when you study German. A student capable of staying motivated is one that will always find the joy of learning new things. If you are motivated then you will find, in every situation, an opportunity for learning. Consider 1-1 private German lessons, even an online German teacher, if you are very busy, have an unusual schedule or travel a lot.

  • 3. Not giving up

    is one important characteristic of a good German language student. The process of learning German might seem pretty daunting to some learners, especially if first language is not of German descent. Discourage may arise, but a student that perseveres will see the fruit of it in the long run. Hence it is crucial to set short, medium and long term study goals, draw up a schedule, when and how you wish to achieve them and reward yourself anytime you do. If you need help establishing a tailored curriculum for yourself book a private German tutor, for at least a few hours to get started

  • 4. Germans are known for their hard work

    which has brought them to become one of the most important economies in the world. Hard working is also a characteristic that a student should have in order to succeed in the learning of the German language. The tasks and activities required by the tutor should be taken seriously and completed within the allotted time. Some situations of stress and tiredness might come along the way, but if a student is hard working, they will always find a way to perform and complete.

  • 5. An efficient German student is one that is immersed

    This means that not only they go through the textbook or online content to study, but take the extra leap into performing other activities that have to do with the German language. Reading books in German, watching German shows, listening to German radio, and getting along with native speakers and practice with them is one of the things you could do for a great immersion.

  • 6. A learner must make learning their own in order to succeed.

    An effective learning process has three steps: reading the content, understanding the content, and making their own content. This last step is pivotal into speaking the German language fluently. Try different methods and find out which one is for you.

  • 7. A great student has the skills for organization

    Learning German online requires for a student to being able to organize themselves since the flexibility of online, even when it is convenient, can become a trigger for slacking or falling behind. If you are organized with lessons and time, you will find yourself going on track effectively. Try keeping a language learning notebook.

  • 8. A good German language student is a good communicator

    Needless to say, this is fundamental when it comes to learning a language.Try to find a language exchange partner or even better: Hire a 1-1 private online teacher.

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