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September 04, 2016

German Learner Blog

Learn German with blogs:

Here are the best German blogs for you to learn and immerse into the German language while following your personal interests at the same time.

I could present you with a long list of German learner blogs and let you take your pick. However, I will leave that task to Google.
Why German learner blogs? I recommend you read the best German blogs instead, because you learn most effectively by immersion and by tailoring your German lessons to your personal interests. Yes, you are interested in learning German, but are probably even more interested in own hobbies and regional events, and other things of personal importance? So why not marry the two for total immersion and enjoyment?

Even for beginners, it is greatly beneficial to learn German with German blogs and since it is your personal interests you are reading about, your brain will make better connections because the context is already familiar to you and this will help you understand even more difficult texts and remember new vocabulary better. You can always take an online dictionary such as leo.org to help.
A comparison: read a German learner blog about “How do I remember new German words?” or you could follow a blog about a young mum (if you are one yourself), such as „Hauptstadtmutti“ … what do you think, which blog would be adding more new words to your German vocabulary?

I appeal therefore that you should not just study German, but to personalize the content and incorporate your learning into your life by reading GERMAN BLOGS instead of German learner blogs.

Here are top blog categories and best examples listed for you:

Tavel, Places and Events

    The lovely Anja, one of the top German travel bloggers, made a list of the 50 best travel blogs in German. It is sorted by region and well described. You can tune into German while preparing your the next trip!
  • EVENTS in German-speaking countries
    Although not just blogs, they are worth mentioning http://www.sehnsuchtdeutschland.com, http://www.myswitzerland.com/de for German Events, Places and Travel, as well as the Swiss equivalent and http://www.austria.info for Austria


    For male German learners the 14KOStyle’s website sums up a total of 10 Blogs and described them in detail.
    For women, there are almost countless German blogs. Dive into immersion and learn German by following these blog categories: women and career, beauty, family and kids.


    Travelrunplay has researched and compiled 8 remarkable sportblogs on the subject running and fitness. Personally I recommend the German blog from Freeletics.com blog which is bursting with motivation, which may even transmit to your German studies. Of course, the subject of football cannot be missing, choose a whopping 50 German football blogs!
    Even someone who is interested in art will find an art blog to his liking. learn German while reading about their favorite artist! So that makes even more fun. The page Tonspion helps us out with a great list of music blogs.
    Needlework, cooking and Co.
    Learn German by following instructions, in particular the imperative, e.g when reading DIY blogs or Blogs for Foodies? The possibilities are endless, and there should be a blog for each German learner’s preference.

Personal Interest is the key to successful learning. You should hire a private German tutor to facilitate your learning, being able to ask questions and discuss, what you just read in your favourite blogs.

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