Best Apps for Learning German

March 25, 2015

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When it comes to the best apps for learning German, there are a lot of them. They are available in almost any mobile platform. Many of them are free but offer some paid modules while others include certain cost but provide certain tutoring and coaching.


The following is a much narrowed selection of some of the best apps for learning German:


  • Duolingo. When it comes to learning a new language, Duolingo is definitively a must. This app is versatile, has an interesting approach to teaching German, and very importantly, it is free. The fact that facts are pulled straight from the Internet, makes it all relevant. It is fresh, fun, and easy to use.


  • Babbel. Available for Android and iOS, this application is an authority when it comes to learning languages, German included. It uses a blend of images, sound, and text to make your learning German experience the most efficient. The design is pretty sleek and simple. To help you with pronunciation, the app includes speech recognition. You can get it for free if you wish to have the basic template. For more features, it requires payment for a pro account.


  • Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone app for Android and iOS boasts being 2014 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award winner and 2014 Tabby Awards Winner. It is no surprise as Rosetta Stone has a long-earned reputation as an authority in the immersive method for teaching languages and ranks highly for the best app for learning German. The mobile application provides practical exercises to learn and practice German. The application in itself is free to download, but to access your account you must have paid for one. So the app is basically a mobile version of the web version.


  • Busuu. Busuu includes a large network community of over 45million users. This application was PC Magazine´s 2013 “Best Free Language Learning App”, so it has a say when it comes to learning German. This application allows you to learn German for free and with a rather fun interface. It´s most noticeable feature is that once you have completed some exercises, you can share them with a learning community that will help you hone your skills.


  • iStart German. This app is especially focused to those who are starting to learn German. The progression of the app is rather slow hence. It is available for both the App store and Google Play. It is actually a bit passive as the student will just stand to listen the tutor give some grammar and practice on the German language. However, it is much recommended for beginners in the German language.


  • Anki. According to Anki developers, you can use it to memorize anything. This is basically an interactive flashchard app that allows you to practice your vocabulary. It is user generated and has some interesting features that make word memorizing more convenient. The web version and the Android app are completely free, however the iOS version comes at a cost of $24.99.


  • Memrise. Memrise is very similar to Anki, it is an interactive flash card app that allows you to memorize vocabulary. Like Anki, Memrise uses a spaced repetition system but also adds a mnemonics feature to help you make your terms less forgettable. Get it both on the App store and Google Play.


But remember, if you wish to achieve fluency: Even the best apps for learning German cannot replace a German language course or German language tutoring

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