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Choose your own number of course participants, schedule (days/times/amount of weekly lessons) and speed of course progression. Take breaks, whenever needed (up to 1 year). Start learning German with THE expert for German courses online. Experience complete personalisation and flexibility with a personal German tutor online.


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Course Features

online group German course

Flexible Number of Course Participants

Select the “Pay & Go” option to flexibly select the number of participants for each class. This way, if someone cannot attend, you only pay for the exact number of participants.

personalized German course

Flexible Content

Your German tutor online will take into account the interests of the individual and group to integrate them into the lessons, e.g. preparation for travel, German for your profession, exam preparation and much more.

flexible course schedule

Flexible Times & Weekly Amount of Lessons

Your group will choose their course schedule between 7am to 11pm CET on 7 days/week. Your group determines the number of lessons per week and thus the course intensity. All packages are valid for 1 year. You may pause at any time.

Schedule online group German lessons

Flexible Course Duration

The course duration and the learning goal are discussed with your qualified German teacher during the free trial lesson. Your group can change the curriculum at any time.

New horizons

Flexible Course Location

Each participant takes part on their own device, making it possible to collaborate in Google Classroom© (for homework, tests, projects, and common practice) and Google Hangouts for Live video calls from different locations.

Pricing & Packages

Select number of students:



Pay & Go



53€ / hr

Valid:1 year

Materials & Support:

Apps & Tools:

5 Lessons



50€ / hr

Valid:1 year

Materials & Support:

Apps & Tools:

10 Lessons



49€ / hr

Valid:1 year

Materials & Support:

Apps & Tools:

20 Lessons



49€ / hr

Valid:1 year

Materials & Support:

Apps & Tools:

All Inclusive & Individual

All homework, materials (excl. course book of your choice), live video call, 7 days/week support from our customer service, shared use Google Classroom©, personal customer account with logins, free tandem search among GOI students.


Read Carefully

Technical Requirements for Hangouts HD Video Calls

Supported Operating Systems

Current version & 2 previous major releases of: Mac OS X, Windows, Chrome, Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distributions.

Supported Web Browsers

We recommend Google Chrome for best, plugin-free compatibility. Download Google Chrome free in a few seconds.

Bandwidth for Video Calls

Bandwith requirements: Inbound 4.0 mbps or more Outbound: 3.2 mbps or more. Test Your Speed

Video Call Requirements

Broadband Integrated cameras, USB web camera or BlackMagic device 2 GHz dual-core processor (or greater).