Best Online German Courses

March 25, 2015

online group German course As you are immersing yourself into the adventure of learning German online, it is important that you start off with the best online German courses. There are many online services that offer German language and promise fluent speaking, but probably do not meet the requirements to keep such promise. This is why it is imperative that you enroll yourself into the best online resources that will in fact let you develop fluency when speaking this foreign language. When deciding what German online program you will be subscribing for there are some aspects that you must consider.



  • First, make sure the program is tailored to your particular learning method. Some programs offer immersion and other focus on the grammar rules and vocabulary. See which one adapts best to your needs.
  • If the program offers a trial or demo, verify that it is easy to access and run.
  • If the software is a paid service, make sure you can have access to tutorials and queries via telephone any time.
  • Even when grammar is important to learning a language, the truth is that you will most likely find yourself speaking it than writing it, at least in daily real life. Try to find a program that allows video and audio in an immersive way.

    Without any further ado, here is a list of the top ten services for speaking German, in no particular order.


  • 1. Rosetta Stone. We cannot let this one out on our list since it has become, after over 20 years in the market, a consolidated software for language learning. The software allows you to immerse into the language by listening to words and phrases to help you build ideas. It also provides access to Rosetta Stone TOTALe, which is an online forum of coaches and tutors.
  • 2. Fluenz German. The focus of Fluenz German is to enhance your comprehension of the German language. It provides with many learning situations that prepare you for several real-life situations.
  • 3. Transparent Language Online German. This is a very well-known program that is suitable for students as young as 11 years old. It is a pretty comprehensive platform that has mobile application for iOS and Android. It offers grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary as well as interactive communities. In case you want to take a look, the software provides with a 7-day trial.
  • 4. Rocket German. This one has a nice blend of grammatical lessons along with engaging visual exercises. It contains 31 lessons that include evaluations and audio exercises. Basically, it places you on typical situations such as the train station, the park, etc. So you get to learn practical German.
  • 5. Duolingo German. This course is especially suited for beginners-intermediate and starts with the basics of grammar and vocabulary. It contains many interactive tools that will help you with your fluency.
  • 6. Busuu German. If you are looking to have lots of fun while learning, this course is the one for you. Its great platform includes learning games that provide a fun experience along with learning.
  • 7. Wunderbla by Gymlish Wunderbla delivers short, personalized and fun online German lessons.
    Their goal: your motivation, participation and progress.


    The outlined courses are some of the best online German courses online and a great way to start learning German, but they cannot replace actual teacher-student interaction. You may want to support your learning with a few hours of private online lessons or a course in a small group so you will get sufficient speaking time.

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