Interview with Lara M.: Master German Communication

June 07, 2024

Meet Lara: A Master of Communication


Introduction to Lara: Lara, with an MA in Conference Interpreting and a BA in German Language & Literature, has been enhancing our team at the German Online Institute since 2022. Originally from Italy, she has elevated her German skills to an impressive C2 level and now shares her passion and knowledge with her students with energy and enthusiasm. Her practical experience in interpreting allows her to develop innovative teaching methods to creatively solve communication problems.

Preview of the Interview: In our exclusive interview, Lara shares her insights on how her interpreting experience has influenced her teaching methods and how she uses technology in German language teaching.


Communication & Teaching:

  • Question: How have your experiences as an interpreter and translator shaped your communication skills, and how do you apply these skills in your teaching?
  • Lara’s Response: “My education was extremely practice-oriented and focused not only on language but also on strategies to quickly and precisely translate messages. This training has greatly influenced my teaching approach, as I have developed a strategic, communication-oriented style that enables my students to develop similar skills.”

The Future of Technology in Language Learning:

  • Question: What role do you think artificial intelligence and machine translation play in language teaching? How do you prepare your students for these developments?
  • Lara’s Response: “Artificial intelligence will not replace teachers, but those who can effectively utilize technology will become more sought after. Machine translation cannot replace the human translator due to emotional depth and cultural nuances. I always keep up-to-date with technological advances and integrate them into my teaching to best prepare my students.”

Innovation in Teaching:

  • Question: Can you describe some of the advanced technologies or innovative methods you use to enhance the learning experience in your online German courses?
  • Lara’s Response: “I use interactive technologies such as Chat GPT to create targeted tasks and enhance the linguistic competence of my students. Games, music, and interactive exercises are part of my methodology to make the classes lively and engaging.”

Language Acquisition as a Non-Native Speaker:

  • Question: As an Italian who speaks perfect German: What advice would you give to your past self and your current German students to make the learning process easier?
  • Lara’s Response: “Mistakes are learning opportunities, not disasters. Discipline to learn from mistakes pays off. Don’t settle, but celebrate every progress.”

Cultural Aspects in German Teaching:

  • Question: How do cultural aspects of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland flow into your teaching, and how do you master the challenge of conveying these authentically?
  • Lara’s Response: “I constantly stay informed about cultural developments and use my own experiences in Germany to provide an authentic perspective to my students. Culture is dynamic, and I strive to convey that to my students.”

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