Learning German the easy way

March 25, 2015

learn German

Every time you hear about someone making comments about German language, they usually say that learning it is altogether hard.


Two things to say about this:

  • One, this is actually not accurate
  • Two, even if it were that hard, it has a lot of perks with it. Just like pretty much everything in life, it has its easy and difficult features.


So, if you want to learn German, it is important that you are perfectly aware of this fact and that you are willing to persevere.


Now there are several things one must consider when turning into learning German.

  • If you are a native English speaker or speak English fluently you should not have that much of an issue to learn German. This is because English has German roots (as well as French roots which is a romance language) and many terms are very similar in both English and German.
  • One great advantage about German is that it is phonetic. This means that words are pronounced exactly as they are written and there are practically no silent letters (unlike French and English). This makes the language easy to speak since all you need to know is the basic grammar skills to translate the word into a phonetic sound.
  • Given its German roots, some German words are very similar to those in English. Check out the following examples of words in German and in English Recht – right Arm – arm (the spelling does not even change and they mean the same thing.) Fisch – fish There are a lot more terms that have a great resemblance with English words.



  • The German grammar is a bit more difficult than that of English and French, for comparison. Given that German is an evolving language, it boasts some of the largest words. Take for example the word “Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz”; this used to be German´s longest word (36 characters) and meant “law delegating beef label monitoring”. The German language is actually known because it usually develops very large words by joining several nouns into one compound word. But the German grammar has some features that make it easy to learn. Verbs are much easier to learn than in the Romance languages. Some grammar lessons for German language are very similar to those of the English language.


  • Learning a new language will usually pose a challenge that not all are willing to take. Nothing that is good comes easy and if you want to learn German, there is no exception to this. However, this does not mean that the language is impossible to learn and with the help of a good teacher and/or school your progress will be quicker, which in turns helps you stay motivated in the long run. Maybe it helps to read, that German natives love to hear their language spoken by foreigners. So, if you want to land a job in tourism, to learn German must be a priority as you will probably be asked for it.

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