Online vs. Offline Lessons

March 25, 2015

online german lessons

Technology has evolved our way of life.

  • It dictates how we communicate, and the way we acquire information. Gone are the days where newspapers were the forefront in print media information.
  • The digital age has surpassed the era of printing information on a piece of paper. It has replaced applying data on devices such as compact discs, recorders and mobile devices.

  • Digital technology has also transformed the way we purchase items when shopping. It has made our lives easier and some of us lazier.
  • The digital age can also be responsible for the way students study. With information at our fingertips from our cell phones to laptops and tablets, information is everywhere. Students no longer rely on the heavy paperback and hard cover books they had to physically go and purchase from a book store.

    The change in online lessons has opened doors to people who were not able to return to school due to conflicting work and outside commitment schedules. Online German lessons have become the norm. It has revolutionized many institutions are becoming a new way to acquire a degree at their own pace. For many, the discipline that comes with attending classes in a physical room is still necessary. Not everyone can make their own hours to sit in front of a screen and do their work they have found it is easier to learn German on Skype.

    Many that do opt for this type of flexibility are those that:

  • • Have a busy working environment during the day.
  • • Have unforgiving work environments that are taxing on their bodies.
  • • Conflicting social and family commitments.
  • • Are not in the same location as the school of their choice.
  • • Are stay at home parents who have infants and newborns
  • If you are deciding to start new online German lessons

    The choice of whether online or offline lessons is entirely up to you. Introducing a study into your life will require some adjustments, especially if your life is a busy one.

    Important things to consider when weighing your options are:

  • What type of course or lessons are you wanting to take
  • How long is each semester or lesson class
  • How long will it take to complete
  • Is the educational institution or licensed Online German Teacher affiliated or accredited
  • What are the benefits of learning or acquiring this new skill
  • Will you need to attend some classes in a physical institution
  • There are so many new free online German lessons popping up all the time everywhere. Beware of being scammed. Always do thorough research on every institution of your choice. If you are using a licensed German tutor online instead of a major educational institution, make sure you do a thorough and complete background check.

    It is important that you do the following research if you choose to take lessons online with a German teacher:

  • • Teaching style
  • • Graduation and pass rate
  • • What percentage of their graduates are employable or receive employment
  • • Is the certification received from completing courses recognized nationally
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