C1 Deutsch Learner Interview: Maria from Greece

August 02, 2015

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Why do you learn German? </ Strong>
I live in Switzerland and need German for everyday life and for the job search.

How long have you learned German and what level you have now? </ Strong>
I learn German since 3 years, of which I am studying almost 1 year with German Online Institute . Before that, I’ve learned at various schools and received a certificate of B2 level. Currently I’m learning C1 Deutsch level.

What do you like most about the German language?
German is very logical, there is a rule for everything. In addition, there are many similarities to my native language.

What do you find particularly difficult in the German language?
I find it very difficult to get the right articles for all words, there are not so many rules for them. The pronounciation is also sometimes difficult for me.

Are there any similarities between your native language and German? What?
Yes, there are many similarities. For example, many sayings are the same. But even in grammar, there are similarities.

What is your “typical German”?
I think “typical German” does not exist. I live in Switzerland and it is very different than in Germany. A special feature is perhaps that people plan everything here exactly.

Do you have a tip for other German learners?
One must study hard and practice a lot. I try to read newspapers and magazines in German and to watch series in German, because you learn a lot. And of course you have to speak a lot.

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