The Future of German Learning Online

March 25, 2015

The future of German learning online is heavily dependent on the future of technology.

Technology has managed to dictate every aspect of our lives. The progression of the digital age and bandwidth, computer gadgets and more importantly information technology will continue to evolve years to come. The future of information technology will directly affect the future of online German lessons.
It will make things more convenient and less time consuming when compared to the methods used in the past.

The five factors that will greatly affect the future of online learning are:

  • Multimedia presentations.
    Multimedia presentations affect the method involving how the learning process is presented. German learning online will no longer be limited to just 2D text based content and information. 3D renderings and mobile illustrations will become the standard as computers process data faster.
  • Virtual environments.
    As online learning evolves, so will the “classrooms.” Then learner will no longer be limited to adhering to the confines of online German Teacher and classroom. Students will be able to create personalized avatars to interact with other students and German teachers. Real world simulations will become the norm as three dimensional simulations evolve. A current example of one of the most future-oriented companies in the world: Google Classroom©, which the company offers as part of their Google Education App Suite for accredited Educational Institutions.
  • Digital Bandwidth.
    The speed of data transmission will undoubtedly increase in future. The speed of downloading data will greatly affect the online classroom. The data being processed proficiently and swiftly will not only improve the quality of the online learning environment, but also affect the distribution of information is a single time frame. When digital bandwidth increases, it will cut down time that can be effectively used to do something else.
  • Classroom Mobility.
    Classrooms have gone from physical rooms to virtual ‘wall free’ settings. The future of German learning onlinw will eventually turn into a moving classroom. Students will have the ability to move their classrooms around as much as they travel. They will no longer be confined to just a computer. The classroom will now be available on portable devices such as tablets and mobile devices. Similar to the way a compact disc had replaced the floppy disc. Classroom mobility will change the way information is distributed and accessed. Cell phones now have the capacity to do what any laptop can do and almost replace the need to have one. German learning online will be with a live online German teacher and your lessons will be able to stream directly to your mobile device.
  • Cloud Computing.
    Cloud computing has already changed the way we store our information. Several service providers already have ways to store data and information to their backup servers. Online German lessons will now have the opportunity to share information communally from one database. Cloud computing will enable German learning online the ability to possess retrieval capabilities. Students will be able to share and store information and edit their documents without having to save all their work on a local drive which would still have to be retrieved and sent to the German teacher. It will give the online German Teacher the convenience of having all the information ready for students stored and accessed.
  • Are there already German schools, apps or platforms using state-of-the-art technology?
    The answer is YES. There are already some future-oriented online German schools, German learning apps and platforms out there and it is definitely worth giving them a go.

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